Using Wiredrive on the iPad and iPhone

"Can I use Wiredrive on my iPad or iPhone?" Yes you can!

Nearly all of Wiredrive's functionality works on iOS.  See exceptions below.

Projects functions that do not work in iOS:

  • Jump to File via Magnifying Glass (Uploader) (does not jump)
  • Embed Code (button does not launch embed code)
  • Get Link (cannot copy short url due to flash module)

Some Wiredrive interfaces have been adapted to accommodate the device’s Multi-Touch touchscreen. View the Apple’s support documentation for iOS Multi-Touch touchscreen instructions. Some functions, such as uploading and downloading are not supported as a result of the closed nature of Apple’s iOS.


Main navigation

  1. Tap menu header open
  2. Tap on a menu item to select
  3. An item must be selected to roll up the menu

Drop-down menus

  1. Tap drop-down menus open
  2. Tap on a menu item
  3. Drag up or down to scroll longer menus

Embedded scroll menus

Some menus, such as the browse-by-credit fields in Library and the project room send form, are set to hide overflow menu items. But you can drag two fingers to scroll through the menu:

In order to view files on an iPad (or iPhone), it is important that the files are encoded to the proper specifications.  If these guidelines are not followed, the file will not work.

iPad two finger drag

Viewing files and presentations

Viewing Wiredrive files on iPad is very similar to viewing files on a computer, but there are some differences:

  • Quick start is not supported; you must tap on a video to begin playback. This is an property is built into iPad to prevent unsolicited videos from automatically playing. Video reels will play sequentially after the first video is started and plays through.
  • Double tap on a file thumbnail in Projects to open the file detail. Tapping once shows the Quickview button; tap the button to view the file in quickview mode.
  • Scrub to the end of a video before it finishes downloading. You can drag the video playhead to any point in a video as soon as the player controls are drawn.
  • Videos must be encoded for playback on Apple devices. WMVs and other formats encoded with non-h.264 codecs are not supported in iOS and plug-ins normally available on a computer (e.g. Flip4Mac, Perian, etc.) cannot be installed.  We have encoding recommendations that work on both the web and iOS.

Sorting Library presentation files

Tap on the up or down arrow in the presentation panel to modify the order of Library presentation files. All other presentation functionality is the same.

Projects comments and approvals

Tap on an approval icon to set an approval in Projects. You can also add file comments, but time-stamped commenting is not supported.


In general, you cannot download files from the Wiredrive application or from presentations on iPad. You, however, download JPEG, GIF and PNG image files:

  1. Tap Download to load an image file into the browser
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the image to open the image management menu
  3. Tap Save Image to add it to your photo library

Attempting to download files that require a specific application, such as PSDs, will return an error.


You cannot upload files to Wiredrive from iPad. You can, however, publish Library files that have already been uploaded to your pending queue, as well as move files in the pending queue into the batch assigner and publish files in bulk.


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