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Properly encoding the videos you upload to Wiredrive is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure a flawless viewing experience for your colleagues and clients.  The majority of our support calls come from customers wondering why certain videos aren’t playing correctly. The answer is almost always, “bad encoding.”  High bit-rates, unsupported codecs and failure to add Fast Start will kill your playback and your presentation. The good news is that proper encoding for Wiredrive is simple; just download one of many free video encoder apps and follow the video encoding settings we've outlined below. Additionally, be sure to see our information on encoding files for Wiredrive with larger aspect ratios

Use the following settings to encode files for playback in all major browsers and Apple iOS devices.  These settings are also good guidelines for video encoding for the web in general.

Format QuickTime movie (.mov)  or MPEG-4 (.mp4)     Wiredrive uses the QuickTime plug-in for browser playback. If you encode video with Adobe Media encoder, use the level 3 baseline profile, otherwise QuickTime files won't play in WordPress.
Codec H.264 (.mov, .MP4 or .M4V)  
Data rate (bit-rate) Appx. 1600-2500 kbps The data rate is the biggest factor in determining file quality and its capacity to stream over a range of internet connections. Files with a lot of detail and motion should be compressed at higher data rates than files with minimal motion and color. Compress files at a lower data rate if your client is on a slower internet connection.  For the aspect ratios listed below, you should be fine around 1750kbps.  Do not go any higher than 2500kbps, as it may cause playback issues on the average network.
Frame rate Current If your encoding software does not have current as an option, choose 30.
Audio settings Codec: AAC;
Sample rate: 44.1;
Bit-rate: 128-320 kbps
If you are a music company, you may want to choose the larger bit rate. This will also affect the final compressed file size. Please note that while you can use the PCM + Integer (Big + Little Endian) audio codecs, these codecs are not readable by the Flash player used to display media on PCs, meaning PC users will not hear the file's sound. As a result, we do not recommend that you use this codec.
Aspect ratio

640x480 for 4:3
640x360 for 16:9
720×540 for 4:3 files
720×405 for 16:9 files

We have more info on aspect ratios here.

You can use any dimension, but Wiredrive will scale extra large files down to fit inside the viewer's display. If you do opt for a much larger aspect ratio, you may need to adjust the data rate accordingly. Keep in mind that higher data rates do not work aswell on slower networks. Do not encode files with the anamorphic setting on, as files will look stretched upon playback. If you are unsure of what aspect ratio to use, here is a great tool that allows you to plugin your source file dimensions and determine the proper output aspect ratio.

De-interlace Yes, in most cases Video shot for TV is usually interlaced to trim broadcast bandwidth. You should de-interlace video shot for TV to avoid scan lines and artifacts. Many modern devices use progress scan. De-interlacing progressive scan media is usually OK, but this varies by encoding software. Check your software documentation for more information.


Fast-start Always use fast-start!! If the fast-start option isn't readily available, check your encoding software documentation for instructions on how to enable this fast-start. Otherwise, people will have to wait for your media to fully load before it begins playing.



 If you are using MPEG Streamclip to encode you can mimic these settings:

Wiredrive Encoding Settings

If using Handbrake you can enter the following.  We also have a visual guide below.

Set File Destination   Rename File (so it doesn't overwrite original)
Format .MP4 MPEG-4 is a widely used media format.
Fast Start Select "Web Optimized" Web Optimized = Fast Start
Framerate Same as Source  
Video Quality 1800K-2000K (SD 720x405)
2000K-2300K (HD 960x5400
2500K-3250K (HD 720p)
Two Pass Encoding Check "yes"  
Turbo First Pass
Check "yes"

If you are using Adobe Media Encoder, check out the visual guide below (click for a full size image):

You can download Wiredrive presets for Adobe Media Encoder

If you have Sorenson Squeeze, we have encoding presets that you can download and use.

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