Encoding settings for Wiredrive

Knowing how to encode video files for the web is a critical part Wiredrive, as you need to anticipate your audience and know the ideal filesize to quality ratio. The following discusses recommended starting points for file encoding for the web and reviews a few key concepts in video encoding.

Encoding Settings

Format: MPEG-4 (.mp4)

Codec   Aspect Ratio   Data rate   Audio Settings   De-Interlace   Fast-Start
H.264   540p (960x540)   1750-2000kbps   Codec: AAC
Sample Rate: 44.1
Bit-rate: 128-320 kbps
  Yes   Always
H.264   720p (1280x720)   3500-4500kbps   Codec: AAC
Sample Rate: 44.1
Bit-rate: 128-320 kbps
  Yes   Always
H.264   1080p (1920x1080)*   5000-7500kbps   Codec: AAC
Sample Rate: 44.1
Bit-rate: 128-320 kbps
  Yes   Always 

* Please note that anything over 720P will scale in Wiredrive so you will not get the full size in system playback.

Selecting an Aspect Ratio

HD Content: We recommend exporting your files at 720p.

Most users will not be able see a difference between 720p and 1080p on their computer screens, as Wiredrive is going to scale the file based on screen size. 720p will also keep your file sizes smaller to save space in your Wiredrive system


For 16:9 content, the following aspect ratios are common:














720  HD


1080 HD



For 4:3 content, common aspect ratios include:














Pro Tip: H.264 encodes in blocks of 16 pixels. If you divide the height and width of the video by 16 and get an uneven number you will likely get a green line when encoding to h.264.


Main vs. Baseline Profiles

You may have noticed that many encoding applications offer you the choice between Main, Baseline, and High AVC (Advanced video coding) profiles.

AVC has multiple profiles to accommodate different classes of both playback devices and CPU power needed to play the files.  Since all computers/ mobile devices are not created equally, and since end users tend to be on networks of varying speed and reliability, it is important to encode your files with an AVC profile that is appropriate for the greatest number of end users.

AVC Baseline Profile: Baseline is the least complex of the three core MPEG-4 AVC profiles.  This means that files encoded with this profile are going to be easier to play across the board than those encoded with the more advanced profiles, and factors such as CPU power will not be as much of an issue.  This profile doesn't utilize B-frames, but is widely used for both mobile video web playback.  Chances are that if you are not compressing super high res file, this profile will work well for you and your users.

AVC Main Profile:  Main is more complex than baseline, and produces a broadcast quality output. Video for the web is not the same as broadcast though, so if you are outputting 640 x 360 videos for Wiredrive, there isn't much advantage over baseline.  If you are outputting high res files (720P and up) you may consider using the main profile.  Videos encoded with the main profile are going to require more CPU power as well as more modern devices to play, so if you are unsure of your end user, stick to baseline.

AVC High Profile: The High profile is used for HD quality broadcasts, as well as the Blu-Ray format.  If you are delivering high quality files for broadcast, then use High, otherwise there isn't any reason why you would use this profile for viewing files on the web via Wiredrive.

Sorenson Squeeze Presets

Sorenson Squeeze is a powerful encoding application that gives you lots of output options for different scenarios.  We've created a few presets that you can download and use, specifically for Wiredrive encoding.  

640 x 360 for Wiredrive @ 1600kbps

720P for Wiredrive @ 2500kbps

1080P for Wiredrive @ 5000kbps

Please note that to use these, you need to have a Sorenson Squeeze license.  

Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Media Encoder is a Premium encoding application you can purchase or is included with your subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. The screenshot below shows the settings most clients use for HD files.


MPEG Streamclip Preset

MPEG Streamclip is a free encoding tool available for download here.

This screenshot below is a standard encode used by most of our clients. The items outlined in orange are the most important to set correctly.

Handbrake Preset

Handbrake is a free encoding tool available for download here.

Use this preset to encode files to our recommended settings.

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