Guide to the Wiredrive WordPress Plugin

The Wiredrive Player plug-in embeds Wiredrive media and credits into WordPress webpages. You can customize the plug-in’s appearance and configure how media and credits display on your website. wd-player.jpg

With the Wiredrive Player plug-in you can:

  • Leverage assets already uploaded to Wiredrive
  • Update the content of your webiste right from Wiredrive; no coding required!
  • Eliminate the need for additional media hosting services
  • Embed mixed-media reels, slideshows or gallery presentations into your website or blog
  • Customize the layout, appearance, credit display and more
  • Add multiple presentations on a single page
  • Set presentations to loop and autoplay

View examples of Wiredrive Player configurations

View Examples of clients using the Wiredrive Player.

Start using Wiredrive Player in your WordPress website  

  1. Installing Wiredrive Player
  2. Customizing Wiredrive Player
  3. Using Wiredrive Player
  4. Frequently asked questions about Wiredrive Player


For web developers

For information on generating embed codes for individual files in your Wiredrive system, please see Embedding Wiredrive media.

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